omelet with apricots and young garlic

2tbsp salted butter (strauss)
1 head of young garlic as individual cloves
3 ripe apricots
1 sprig fresh tarragon, leaves
3 eggs (i used araucanas from soul food), lightly beaten
1 chive flower, stemmed into individual blossoms
some salt if desired

heat butter in a hot pan to hazelnut. reduce heat and cook the tiny garlic cloves until somewhat soft, still crunchy though. bring heat to high and add the sliced apricots and the tarragon. just melt the fruit, then add the eggs keep the heat high and layer the eggs as in a japanese omelet (lift the cooked part of the egg and allow the uncooked egg to roll under. do this all the way around until there is no more uncooked egg on top). flip the omelet and roll it from the pan onto a serving dish. garnish with individual chive flowers.
eat soon.