hot and hotter

the fan roars - wearing mostly an apron and at a hundred and two even that is too much.
these are salad days, bittman says so right there in his blog and offers 101 variations on the theme. he might have made it 1001 and done a sheherazade.

me, i went and bought a two pound tomato, heirloom and all, nicely colored, orange and yellow. basil leaves, mustard, oil and vinegar, a touch of pernod.

i also got a filet, from phil’s. coarse sea salt, coarse pepper lightly pounded, in it went into a hot-hot-hot-hot sunflower oil pan , seared two minutes at smoke point on one side, flipped and after another blistering sizzle, off went the crusty filet into a cooling pan to collect juices and recover from the trauma. grating a raw clove of garlic into the pan juices, adding a round spoon full of mustard and several scrapes of horse radish gave the reduced sauce a nice bite. slices of meat stacked between watercress, mmmmm.

hungry again now, the morning after.

iced cassis, alas black currant liqueur. giving some thought to a dish i’ll attempt for dinner this thursday. round about shrimp, in a black currant sauce. the best way for this might be doing the currants in the shrimp oil (peel shrimp before cooking and roast their shells in olive oil) press the mess through a fine strainer, avoiding currant seeds. saffron and paprika might round out a sauce bathing the shrimp. it would be an emulsion, baring a bishop’s color.
orzo, cooked tender might serve as a base.