like so many times before, lunch is at portland’s fabulous ‘EVoE’, on hawthorne, pastaworks’ endearing ‘side dish’.
small notions, like a sensuous carrot soup, gently set with lemon verbena. before soup, as an appetizer, as always, my beloved bedeviled egg. this time that version is done by kevin gibson, the chef, his horse-radished topping, heated upside down in bread crumbs. very elegant. my silly picture does little to show off such sumptuous delight.
my very own devilish eggs will be featured tonight.
the main dish, chickpeas in a softly soupy broth with porkbits, topped with chicharron. all deeply scented by small rounds of young green garlic.
kevin aside, almost impossible, but just easy to the left a little, where his alternate is a smirky and intense woman. she prepares some of the lunch fare, delightfully so, what with her quick hands, that gracious smile and those abrupt turns and trembles. named by her parents, improbably: ‘dolce’.

EVoE is a delight, but here is the other reason to go and get food and provisions at pastaworks: the sheer selection, excellence of choice and quality of wine, produce and meats. all run by jennifer carlson. she rules the roost. a beautiful woman, tuff, lovely and serene, no offense, i trust. i hear her ‘hi, michael’ when i enter the store and it stops me in my tracks every time, her instant help, the care she displays for all sides of this fabulous store, the pride in her eyes. these days this alone is really a rare treasure.
the meat counter is well endowed, in no small effort by david wood, fresh greens are done by buffy, there is a fabulous selection of cheese, bread, choice olive oils and various condiments. last but not least is of course fresh pasta, in every nuance and shape. as they say: when in portland do as the romans do, go noodle at pastaworks.

EVoE and pastaworks are on 3735 se hawthorne blvd. in portland. 503 232 1010