oysters, potato salad & coho salmon

friday's fish

a small plug for the best fish store in, alas, berkeley. this would be monterey fish. oysters and line caught coho salmon. butterball potatoes, tokyo turnips, cherry tomatoes and cilantro microgreens, came from monterey market, another favorite. both are on hopkins in north berkeley.

oysters on the half shell

for a potato salad:

7 small butterball potatoes, cooked, skin on, halfed
5 tokyo turnips, cooked

olive oil from a spendthrift
vinegar & mustard from a counselor
grated horseradish from a parson
salt from a miser
a yolk from a chicken
and a madman to mix it all up

7 cherry tomatoes, whole
one handfull cilantro micro greens

all in small bowls, or served next to the salmon

the salmon was crusted in very hot olive oil, then covered and allowed to cool. some of the cooking oil was used by the spendthrift.