poached in this heat

yes, at a hundred and three i went and spent sixty bucks on a fan. now the library sounds like a twin otter taking off from bennett field.

so i made a dish which wasn’t much of an effort, kept the kitchen reasonably at temperature (a hundred’n three) but tasted fabulosino.

a white fleshed fish, an orange roughy, poached in white wine, a mirepoix, tarragon and pepper corns, sunk with two silver spoons to keep the fish submerged. poaching liquid gently smiling, fish in, five minutes and done.

sweet onion, two table spoons chopped, cooked in olive oil till glassy, add some few sliced mushrooms and a cup of sake. reduce the liquid to a tablespoon stirring at high. set aside to cool, then add capers and yuzu. adjust the flavor of the sauce with additional yuzu, salt and pepper.

parboil the brokolini in salt water. cool under ice to keep the crunch. douse with vinaigrette, then scatter freshly roasted pine nuts over the greens.

serve as you wish, but enjoy this cool dish in our present vegas heat.

stephanie wants to know what exactly is a vinaigrette. well, it can be many things: profoundly it is a sauce, an emulsion of three parts oil and one part vinegar. its many variations, kabillions of them, use assorted oils, vinegars, herbs, mustards, salts, peppercorns and pretty much whatever else you want to contrive. even the oil to vinegar proportion is variable, so is the acid, make it with lemon, yuzu, or orange. do keep in mind the final redolence and what the sauce is supposed to flavor.