marie and nico

last week we had finally dinner with marie and my friend nico. the menu was lightly intense, the flavors nicely mixed, gently-gently, not all too spicy, pleasing the palate without much of an effort.

duck mousse and a sauvignon blanc from new zealand, which we stayed with through the night.
a by me much loved green melon soup. fork scraped ripe galia melon in above wine, pestled tarragon turned an inky emerald green and really gave the soup its color. served cool, the galia fragrance was wonderfully enhanced by a soupçon of vanilla sugar, wasabi and nutmeg.
i tried (and succeeded) doing the green tomato stew on my guest as once before, but this time enhanced by the addition of very small chanterelle.

a fillet of mahi mahi, from the grill, accented with thyme and oil cured black olives (i found them already pitted with a lovely but strong brininess)
frisée for salad, lemon oil, romate sherry vinegar, soy dressing
desert was easy: sweet andalucian figs of extraordinary color and ripe texture

slivers of aged parmesan and a dab of sarabeth’s blood orange jam
tiny cups of sumner’s secret nocino.
lots of talk, the woman chatting, finding each other, of course as so often talk turned to food, yet also about the education of their two boys, marie’s delight in their prominence, pointing a finger and all.
a happy mid-august night outside at shell, and late for a school day.