salmon potato salad

oh, for the leftovers. can’t be without them. take the taku river red salmon, a sockeye. it was happily devoured. of course. but how much salmon, however delicious, can two people eat in one sitting? the stuff is rich after all, and so it went, we ate half and the second half rested in the fridge for two days. saran-wrapped, of course, airtight, all by itself on a middle shelf in good visibility so i wouldn’t forget. you know how it is. things wander off to hide behind the pickle jar.

there were fingerlings already cooked, a cucumber, and making mayo takes no time these days, what with the aid of a cuisinart for my birthday. the potted lemon verbena afforded some leaf so that flavors leaned toward its scent. a few sprigs of german thyme (it would have to be german), some salt and ground pepper. yes, and the finger-shredded two day old salmon. it washed with a beer and dinner went by before you could say jack daniel’s.