cape gooseberries

physalis peruviana - for those botanical phanatics.
a delicious delights in its papery husk, hiding the ecuadorian uvilla, an orange golden globe. silly name, cape gooseberry, simply derived from those early settlers, who grew the bush at the cape of good hope. the thing is a fruit and supposedly used mainly for jams. well, we eat them out of hand when they appear, like now, late in september. my grocer says they are grown locally, though a quick googling shows ecuador as country of origin.

ni fu ni fa,
whatever, they’re delicious, somewhat a slight reminiscent of tomatillo, same husk, and of the tomato, but with a sweet fragrance and flavor, almost tending toward a strawberry. as so often such things end up in the morning’s omelet, thinly sliced very sweet purple onion, done up in butter, gooseberries, some nutmeg and five forked farmer’s eggs. i do the omelet in a japanese style - tamagoyaki. tilting the pan back and forth and sideways, lifting the cooked egg up, allowing the uncooked to scamper under. this makes it a like rolled omelet, easy to do, imperfect, certainly, and very unlike one made by the eminent french chef.