computers etc

now, i ask you how likely is it that a fedex driver can’t find the house on riverside, that his cell phone dies and his truck breaks down. he must have been trying real hard to accomplish all the above simultaneously at three pm. oh well, i did finally track him down and got my new computer, that is as a replacement under warranty for my suffering m90. picked the box up at the fedex station. simple. yes?
the machine i got was pretty impressive. a brand-spanking new m6400. with a retail in the upper thousands and all the bells and of course most of the whistles one might imagine. stephanie was most impressed by the back-lit querty alongside a numeral keyboard. i was impressed by the number of installations needed, token passwords long forgotten, allowing ‘load and function’ of programs so very essential to my plain being. flabbergasting. but now, after a frustrating morning, virtually all those previous solutions, files, recipe data, fonts and those pictures of woman and food not viewed in years, well, now they are where they belong - and where i can find them. sort of.
like the move to a new house, the unpacking of endless book-boxes, kitchen utensils, t-shirts and jeans, it takes a while to reclaim those familiar spots.

meanwhile, back in the kitchen, it was simply shrimp and mushrooms. shrimp cooked in garlic butter, chanterelles in plain butter, stewed in sake. for desert peach compot. really uneventful, but very calming. no pictures.