monday monday and more monday

after blogging and working the images, and posting, and having my biggest fan, stephanie, make comments, she came home and we went quickly to pick up lola from the shop, where the car spent a day of convalescence over her ratatat rough idle and a leaky injector valve, especially that of cylinder number three. we drove home, that is stephanie in her bug and me in our recouped and much adored lola. i should explain: she is a sweet two-door, a mercedes, an anthracite coupe, a 300 cd turbo, to be exact. passing out of the shop at mbi, i caught the eye of a couple of guys stepping into their powder blue bright shiny new sl 65 and couldn’t believe they looked me over and gave me a thumbs up. i mean, really, their’s an sl 65, a mere twelve cylinder benz tank, a 600 horsepower top down, 36 valves and a tag a tad over 200 big water-melons. jesus. that they even bothered to notice lowly, if lovely, lola.

dinner seems always on my mind. i had bought a sleek pork tenderloin at pasta work’s butcher shop, a nice little filet about 2/3rds of a pound. baiting (i suppose bathing is what i meant) the meat in a mix of soy and wasabi, olive oil, pepper and sea salt for the spread, i set aside for some three hours, though often turned to baste properly and finally ready for the fire, slow white coals on the grill.

a head of garlic roasting in a 280 oven, it makes for a creamery goo, softly tasting of fall when i usually use a few heads to sweeten my mash potatoes. but now i squooshed the mess from garlic’s husk and rubbed it into the freshly fired loin, saving a sweet bit for fire-roasted zebras and voilĂ , here is dinner.

and desert...