my surf and turf - pork tenderloin & scallops

no, not lobster and steak, but a modest pork and scallops. the pork done up crisp on the grill. soaked overnight before in sliced onions, olive oil, soy and vinegar.

the scallops pan seared in beurre noir, just crusting their surfaces, topped with a sprinkle of lemon verbena. two medallions of pork - black peppered thick tender slices side by side with two scallops.

based on a saucy canneloni puree. the puree is spiced with roast garlic, tarragon, yuzu and, of course, wasabi, seems like i can’t ever have enough of the stuff in the house. the whole thing sits on a beautiful single lettuce leaf. which is placed on a large plate, so that there is plenty of room to maneuver.

first though, as so often, my devilllllled eggs, tarragon mayonnaise, paprika and a small sprig of dill. then the soup: orzo, shelled edame, chanterelle, scallions in a lemony chicken broth. between soup and surf ‘n turf comes an english cucumber salad, heavily dilled, in a vinaigrette. and for desert we have poached pears, this time with reconstituted cherries, nicely soured with lemon juice.

i’m not a great baker, so we bought a tart, i don’t remember what it was, peach i think.