a rainy sunday food at shell

got back from riverside late last night, thank gawd there was a beer in the fridge. went into deep-sleep right after the bath. woke to this fog dreary morning and no one to noodle. got up early, opened the washi-shojis, drove to get coffee at pete’s and was back snug under covers listening to the coffee drip and to the rain on the roof, e-mailing up to spokane, gould and bach on the ipod, deciding on the day’s tasks. reading, definitely, e.b.white’s essays, for sheer and undulating fun, more fun than montaigne, in my view any day. with coffee and a sliver of ken’s walnut bread. then what? working the blog, of course, of course. of course propped against pillows i fiddled with summer corn memories and posted.

hungry at noon, a yawning fridge, it was rice and beans, from the can and the cupboard. while the rice did what rice does (at a rolling boil turn off the heat, lid the pot tight and in nineteen minutes it’s rice) while it steamed to perfection, i snuck out in the buff to the wet garden for chives. a slight shiver, back in, i opened the beans, drained the gook, opened a small glass of oiled anchovies, drained them as well, melded the beans to the rice, stirred in the fillets, scissored the chives and flavored my lunch with a spoon of a lemony olive oil. no salt, the anchovies did that, but a few grinds of nutmeg. done. a quick picture on my fresh monkey napkin.

and spoon after lovely spoon i felt better, much better. a nap followed and now this bloggery and the posting. still raining, more reading, and music and later may be lunch left-overs on toast. on toast?