pineapple quince

the market had these. scented lovely, they reminded me of my much adored grandmother minaele. she used to make quince jam, the best, ever, excepting the one i offer, done up from her recipe, mine using sauvignon blanc in the mix.

here is how:

4 1/2 pounds of quince
4 cups sugar (my sugar is flavored by leftover rinds of vanilla beans)
1 1/2 cups sauvignon blanc (minaele’s jam wanted lemon juice and water)

peel, seed and quarter the quince. steaming the quince for a while softens the fruit and helps with this as quince are typically wooden.

cook quince covered in water for about thirty minutes, set aside to cool for thirty minutes more. drain and place fruit into cuisineart, pulse with metal blade till sauce like. cook fruit together with sugar and wine at high heat for a few minutes, then simmer, stirring often to prevent scorching, about forty-five minutes. at jam-like consistency fill three small freezer bags with the quince jam and freeze, eat the rest, once cooled on well buttered toast or serve aside a steamed striped bass, or for that matter any steamed fish of your choosing.