puff paste & celeriac

celeriac is plain celery root, the one we bought at the market was the size of a large, bulbous baby’s head. we also bought a farmer’s goat cheese, two pears, eggs and matsutake (it is the season, even at a full jackson per pound)
across the river is a bakery for puff paste. i’m not a baker and take shortcuts where ever i can, especially with this kind of pastry dough. oh, yes, since tomato season officially ended a couple of days ago (earlier by my accounts) i got a can of pomodori pelati. fresh basil is still around, alive and beautifully scented ready for the tomatoes.
so. i cut the pastry and folded the edges and pricked the whole thing so the dough might rise evenly. it came out of a 375 oven golden and puffy, as promised. tomato paste as a base, then a nice layer of goat cheese, next the chiffonade of basil, this covered with a layer of pomodori, then decorated with basil leaves and dabs of goat cheese. well, you can see. it was pretty to look at after a quick melt under the broiler and i tell you: delicioso, molto delicioso - forgive my pseudo italian, we just saw the godfather, ‘his’a talk’a’ rubbed off.

fixing celeriac is simply. 30 seconds of cuisine art and a generous dollop of fresh mayonnaise, som’a salt’a, and a splash of vinegar - there it is. i served it with a dagger of smoked chinook belly and dinner was done.