puff paste pizza

yes, yes, you’ve read right: puff paste pizza. the dough lay ready in the fridge. being lazy, not having the use of a wood-fire oven, and really trying the unconventional if for a day, i used this variant on my long time favorite recipe.

the result is fragrant. ambrosially so. may be for some it is of too much divine fragrance - what can i say. after ken’s you might call any a food, even a half food, ambrosia.
i ground my own fennel sausage, concocted a reduction of mere tomato into lush paste, sweet scented of lemon verbena, strong rosemary and, of course, the last of the garden’s basil. i mandolined cipollini onions and caramelized them. the cheese was a goat, a fresh farmer’s style, mild but convincing. october tomatoes are around but not useful. or may be my memory of a tasty tomato needs revision. at any rate i used ‘nina’ the peeled roma italian, squeezed, straight from the can. i know you can get cheaper canned roma tomatoes, but they’ll be cheaper.

a 375 oven puffed up the pastry in about twenty minutes. in the in-between i sliced and roasted onions, ground and cooked fennel sausage, strained the tomatoes, warmed the cheese, and reduced my sauce to a balmy paste.
here is the pizza build:
pastry - cheese - tomato paste - onions - tomatoes - some more paste - basil and verbena leaf - sausage and a drizzle of my best olive oil. a quick broiler run glazed the pizza top and we were ready to eat.

i’m on my third case of pinot gris from the eyrie vineyards. it suits my taste, it drinks lovely and well supports most of my cooking. may be when it gets cold up here i find a red, seems reds are more juiced for winter.