yerba santa

last time (for a while) we went down to visit sumner fervid allergies monished my nostrils. likely this may strike you as tmi, but i felt like a proboscis monkey, worse, my notably elegant protrusion, when unaffected, had turned into the lighthouse at point reyes, way out there and blinking. fits of sneezing had stock options for kimberly-clark surge.

enter sumner’s son, lucas, who rendered kindly and without much fuss some sticky, jagged edged sprig, a bunch of leaves. jesus, i thought, it’s drugs, yikes, do i need this now? of it lucas made an infusion, had me drink it and inside an hour i could breath through my nose, even scent dark aromatics rendered from matsutake, roasting stove top in sumner’s best olive oil. amazing, and on attacks later on back at the house in portland, again and again, the concoction calmed those membranes, inflamed by pixie library dust and god-knows-what-else. so, though i don’t much go for snake oil, i can recommend this gentle work-around, as it has eased, when afflicted, this schnozzle of mine.