chocolate mousse

new year’s day took us to molly’s for fabulous champagne, her scones and that delicious sausage frittata, more champagne, some folk did mimosas, all had a splendid time, especially molly, being that she was our hostess.
some then took the essential first of the year afternoon nap, bless them. others watched football and those few who knew there was a dinner to come, worked the kitchen.
i went off to get cream and chocolate (74%) for a mousse. bain marie on the low, eggs separated, whites peaking, yolks on the ready, chopped chocolate beginning to melt, butter, yes, and cream beaten, gently blending and lifting and swirling and curling and whorling. and on into the fridge so it might become settled and cool as desert, which it was.
post-football (they lost) dinner at maureen and dan’s house. a sweet and totally easy get together, where beer savvy met champagne, a new generation of this and us, the régime grandieuse, à la piaf, ‘non, je ne regrette rien’ - lovely stories from doing english lessons at peace corps, to a very ‘i.t.’ and british algebraic notion of chicken parts at kfc in some various asian terrain. deliciously creamed ‘taters and spinach with melteds, a sweet ham and a tenderly smoked turkey, perfectly cooked asparagus (what is it about asparagus?), my plate runnethed over. more champagne (does bright eyed and irish maureen claim some french chateau producing those bubblies?) and then the above, sprinkled with see’s chocolate high on the gloss raisins. molly went off to her temporal nap, the car drove us home. and then it was suddenly saturday, the practical launching of a year which might bring new friends, new ventures and a refreshed outlook, away from that old decade we somewhat and somehow survived.
lots of loving, horizontal and possibly in a diagonal. back on my bike, lots more butter and some varied greens, inventions of dining and aberrations, new ways of boiling the egg.
truly my wishes for a time to come.