a friend donated a nice chunk of frozen albacore to my cause. and wanted some notions what to do with the share she kept in her freezer:
take it from the freezer - slowly unfreeze in a cool water bath. this may take a couple of hours. use the fish as soon as it is unfrozen. do not refreeze as it further dries out the flesh.
have ready a melange of melted butter or first class olive oil and those herbs you like (tarragon, thyme or such, rosemary is too strong) grate some orange zest into the melange, plus a good amount of fresh pepper and a tea spoon of sea salt. when the fish is unfrozen quickly slice it into one inch medallions and cook those in a combination of searing hot butter & oil for 7 seconds per side. the fish should not be cooked on the inside, but crusty on the outside. turn the warm medallions into the melange coating both sides. serve with poached frisée or other poached lettuce greens.
so, today i did just that with my share.
before the fish i made a roman black spaghetti dish:

this in a heap of strongly reduced italian roma tomatoes (alas from a can), thin strips of orange zest, 3 tbsp mild ancho, 3 tbsp aioli, 2 anchovies, 3 tbsp italian tomato paste, all 3-times sieved. freshly grated parmesan (all the while humming the parmigiano reggiano jingle) and silky sea salt to taste.

for desert we watched ‘mystery train’, jim jarmusch's frivolously delicious classic epic ode to the king of rock ‘n roll.

can you beat it?