simply soup

these days, january, cold, set to rain, cashmere blankets in heavy use, soup seems to be a natural notion for dinner. a soup is of course often a cue of the moment, then likely a cull from the kitchen. it helps to have a stocked fridge; fresh herbs, some fresh sheets of pasta. a some such of diced chicken or pork, roast onions. a back-shelf of canned broth and beans, dried mushrooms are nice. at the end of a rough sunday, after a walk, after reading the times, the book review, the tech section, then working the couch, streaming a bogie, that certain hunger sets in. you’re so done with the chips and the guac. you want something soothing and warm, without too much of a hassle stove side.
so, heat the broth for the pasta, the mushrooms and beans. roast slivered onions, the pork, chicken, or not. add herbs, salt and pepper. you’re done, let it sit a small while till the movie is over. a bowl and a spoon, a nice glass of wine and your night is well on the way into feathers, the pillows and bed. on to those dreams, before you again rattle off into monday.