various and sundries

whole foods vs. wal-mart.
hm. the very thought, then again, when have i seriously shopped whole foods lately, or, heaven forbid, wal-mart’s? a penny saved is a penny earned, though nowadays, who wants the copper curse and how might the old saw cut at either store? when you compare food prizes, say canned stuff, or turkey thigh, bread or the fish in their ads, on line or in store, the variant becomes less than minimal. and i am certain it would make no difference to a price conscientious shopper, because both stores are like old coppers, cheap jack, way past prime. i am gleeful to hear plumped chicken breast at wal-mart has it in for the one at whole foods. may be these giants, where quality trumps expense, will take each other out, though who really cares. foodies and people who like to eat, even those doing martha, the fifteen kitchen-minute kind, none would be caught dead at the mega stores. serious food quality versus financial efforts, continuously fresh and reliable resource for animal-vegetable-mineral, has become more than twenty questions. so, say you want some salmon. would you buy frozen, imported from tanks farmed where ever, for a little less money at wal-mart or whole foods? or will you spend a buck more and know the fish frivoled wild only yesterday, was line caught and fished in sustainable fashion, from a monger like monterey fish, or up here at newman’s? i don’t want to pull a michael pollan. he ventured the idea of local and sustainable food a hundred years ago. i do want to point out that truly fresh food is out there and not alone for the governor. with a few phone calls, i found farm eggs, pork not from china, fresh-cut greens and meat from cows up the road. the price related the quality, though no way much above that of the chains. they are easy of course, there is many a whole foods up here and one wal-mart selling produce of sorts. and while you’re there you might as well get your meds and your toothpaste.
this news is not of the chains, they’re done in my view. but of food, if not cheap so affordable. the effort to find it might take a little longer, not in berkeley of course, but in portland, the place known for permanent rain, where spring came early and the sun shown bright, well, three days in a row now.