recipe specific

so much depends on specifics. say you’re writing a recipe, any recipe, clearly the most important notion is to list all ingredients in sequence. in timely fashion. even if your recipe is a general idea on some manner of a specific dish.
so, first things first. if your fare is set for eight, it is specifically measured for eight. it often won’t work if the amounts are divided by four to serve two. the inherent intensity of various ingredients can’t simply be numerically reduced. specify at the outset how many folk you are intending to feed - you oughtn’t wait to write ‘serves eight’ at the very end. if initially you use teaspoons for measure, don’t do tablespoons further down. in the heat of the kitchen no one can fathom how many teas fit into one table. also tell us if we need some particular cookware so we can get it off the high shelf or from sur le table.
say you want us to prepare a certain cuban dish, like ‘moros y cristianos’, owning to dry black beans and a certain white rice, for instance. what rice, what beans do you favor? you might tell, that saving the bean slurry for the rice darkens its essence. for this recipe you would ask for a large heavy bottomed pot and a wooden ladle up front. soaking or cooking time will vary and depend on the where withal of the beans, their quality and age. in any case, all variants, like freshness, origins, size (it does matter) and flavour of any ingredient, will have a very distinct influence on the outcome of the cook's re-creation. the peppers, garlic, smoked ham hock and bay leaves, what onion, what bacon. these need specifics and more than a simple mention. jalapeños notoriously vary in fragrance and heat, so, tell your cook what she might look for. old oregano is likely more saw dust than fragrance, have her taste what makes up her stew in advance. do tell when to add spices, dried or fresh, what kind of salt (taking salt to beans early toughens their skin). speaking of salt, anchovies, drained of their oil, and bruised into those beans add depth to the dish, crushing some half of the beans with above wooden ladle instead of a steel fork mellows the mash, proving those beans ever more sensuous. a whole head of roast garlic creamed into the soup warms its pungency. oh, yes, and the sofrito. it has to steep for a while in advance. one ought to flow it in late, to stew with those beans after they’re ready, thereby rousing the overall flavor all over again.
now you would serve those luscious dark cubans aside the above mentioned rice. with a touch of cilantro, if only as garnish. yes?