here i go again, with feeling

and it would be fish, though not silver salmon nor loosy-goosy king, not opah neither, but this time sturgeon. that snouty, long bodied swimmer, known more for its caviar, really. of many hybrids, an ancient fish, judging by fossils of some few hundred million years. not this one though, line caught live, at the mouth of the columbia, turned in my kitchen a one pound of densely textured meat. 

first things first. so, some intensely ripe peaches, perfumed three rooms over, titillating that gastronomical me with their scent. i juiced them and while roasting (half butter, half oil) a good handful of slivered shitake, added their fragrant essence, gently reducing the liquid as the mushrooms mellowed and softened. in the same pan, mushrooms aside on a warm plate, keeping some of those juices, i roasted the 2 inch slab of sturgeon, quickly on high to one side, then slower and under cover on the flip for five minutes more. i rested the sturgeon, topped with shitake, rendering sauce. 


yes, from the fridge, as an aside, hardly at all warmed (in that pan afore mentioned) i served a favorite: 'wakame no sunomono'. a recipe from an old '82 friend, 'good food from a japanese temple'. good god, from that book, twenty eight years ago, i made some of those dishes and was inspired by soei yoneda, the then abbess at sanko-in temple. i did add sesame seeds, unsanctioned, but, hey, by now its my wakame, if you will a la 'geiger'.