hot 'n cool

just when i thought portland might cool off. well, it didn’t, a hunnid’n faw. what to eat, when feeding is not quite on my mind. let alone tending a hot stove.
so, i wait for the night, the temps in the kitchen go a wee cooler. a pound of halibut, cut into four squares. half oil, half butter, hot in the pan. scorching the tenders as the butter turns dark. both sides, like max, a minute per. from the pan to a plate, a few drops of soy, and on into the fridge.
for this night the eat's green. a salad. a plain vinaigrette, a glass of wine and a fabulous movie: eat drink man woman, that delicious film by ang lee. eat with mine eyes. and with that film starved i won’t be.
then tomorrow, which really will have by now turned into today. early on i’ll do that thing, make the pesto, two ways: half the portion ground in the mortar, basil, garlic, coarse salt, creamed. then sharp romano, olive oil and pine nuts. the other half, same stuff, in the cuisine art, have it rest together till night fall. basta pesto. then tonight at dinner time center on a cool soft cooked green sheet of lasagna a small amount of kuromame amani, place the fish and top it with dark green pesto and a few whole pine nuts. yes!

kuromame amani comes canned. it is a fabulous rendition of black soy beans from japan, like candy, a perfect foil for the garlic romano crisp pesto, soft soy beans nicely paired with crunchy pine nuts. icy sake, and for desert a quick download of fried green tomatoes.