lazy days

it's tomato time. sliced, red onion, basil, oil, vinegar, sea salt... done. real balsamic, green oil, oh yeah. you wont need a photo, you get the picture.

but first a vichyssoise, crème vichyssoise glacée to be precise, obnoxious and au courant alike. yes, louis diat, HE from the nuyawk ritz, concocted this luscious mélange just about a hundred years ago. before you were born, and way before the vichy regime. well, everybody knows. sing along with leonard.
so, soup. a little butter, leek, onion, potato, cream and a broth. chicken, or a superb vegetarian contrivance will work. the best is barely good enough, as always, so chose your fixings well. the white from the leek, cipollini onion, starchy potatoes to sop up the cream. and speaking of cream: as unpasteurized as possible. do the leek and onion slow and gently in butter. they mustn't color. potatoes in the broth, boiled off, well done, crumbly. the whole thing gets pureed through a sieve. or in small batches, very gradually in a blender with the top on. to cool the stuff down swirl in the cream. a little more broth, if things got too thick. a turn of sea salt.

there are those needing pretty. chopped chives will work, or basil en chiffonade, for the fancies. me, i’d stay pure, wouldn't do you know.
the soup's a cinch. really. and it will get you accolades from your in-laws. the boss that came for dinner will get you a raise. or you'll have, if you're straight out lucky, some sweet heavy petting from the one you’re with.

while i’m at it, and for those who are truly lazy, cooks or mere kitchenaires. since tomatoes won’t get much tastier and cipollini just come into the market. go roast them, well oiled, overnight in a slow oven. you’ll have the best candy come sunrise, on a little toast, with dark coffee. gives me goosebumps just thinking.