a trip to the bay, to oakland and sf, a year later.

yes, for supplies from monterey market, berkeley hort, the gardner, tokyo fish, hida tools. much money, well spent. for a ride up mt.tam, a run down pch, that splendid section of rt.1 along the beaches, past davenport, to santa cruz, back up via pescadero to duartes for artichoke soup, further along, inland, on the stage road to san gregorio, the general store and afternoon fiddle music. alas down memory lane. 

a quick dish from a dinner at an indian restaurant in berkeley. we went there to eat looking forward to times past. they had a good cook as cooks go; and as cooks go, she went (saki). still and from a new stove, the eggplant was wonderful, by stephanie's estiment. my fish only so-so.

last night we ate sturgeon, fresh from tokyo fish, pan roasted and topped with mizuna and salmon eggs. sturgeon is a meaty fish and might turn readily dry, but over high heat, crisply roasted, and quick, like two minutes max per side, it's meat stays firm yet unctuous, buttery even. fresh salmon roe or 'ikura', pops lusciously and tastes faint of the sea. served with micro mizuna the roe renders its fragrance and texture beautifully to embellish the flesh of the fish. pictured above against stephanie's curvaceous, new blue-blue blouse. delicious.