marie and nico

friday night, before we left san francisco there was dinner at marie and nico. lots of fun, giggles, chit and chat, delectable trouble (me), wine and cheese, the bread from acme in berkeley, the cheese a 'landaff', a raw cow's milk made by the landaff family in vermont and aged by the cellars at jasper hill. marie was her beautiful self, full of vim and of course her congenial vigor. she has beautiful eyes, does she ever, amongst her luscious alternative attributes. she can talk, can she ever, as if she really was from new york.

nico made an ambrosial tomato sauce, very fine, passed through the sieve, and delicious over squid ink pasta alongside my coarse, madly hand pestled pesto, lots of garlic and pine nuts. marie put up a lush dish melding tomatoes and figs with a crumbly feta, perfection, as well as a corn, zucchini, tomato and basil concoction, delicioso, as if we were in bella italia. a lovely evening, fabulous wine, satisfying, congenial and we were happy to see ourselves together again, it's been too long a time since.