monterey fish

if in berkeley wanting fish, you might cast two hooks for your quest.

tokyo fish, albeit old style japanese, sashimi quality, intense stature, a whole ocean to ponder, as well as all manner of japanese eats. sadly, seems like everyone still sells bluefin tuna. that fish so low in abundance you might count the big ones on your fingers. you wouldn't expect its presence at tokyo fish, but there it is, well displayed in multiple cuts, as japanese reeves still demand sashimi grade to please their vast clientele.

by choice and by far my best line: monterey fish. supplies all manner of fish to alice's chez panisse, preeminent deportment of line caught, sustainable fish, whole or in various filets, as well as clams, oysters, if it swims and is in season they'll have it or get it on special. their overall attitude towards sustainable taking of wild fish has years of repute. 

so, now, as in a previous year, the taku river folk are at monterey, selling taku river coho and sockeye. about a pound and a half made it to my makeshift kitchen in berkeley for a quick poaching. a lovely dinner, served with tiny turnips, pee-wee shitake rendered in sake and a darkly flavored barley hijiki to lace that wild coho's ocean essence. good tomatoes can still be had, so here they are as a salad with mere slivers of red onion, basil. in a rich olive oil, crisp sherry vinegar and pommery sauce.

stephanie in fatigues, as well as some other pictures from our early walks through the streets of berkeley.

we have no wi-fi at our present address, so everything has to be down loaded via my beloved google phone. in its present version it enables setting up an android portable wi-fi hot spot, which then connects to my laptop and whoopee! i can access the net, if, with no complaint, at a snail's pace. like i said, no beef intended. when i grew up at grandmother's house in stuttgart, we had one phone for the house, a party line at that, with a handle heavy enough to use as a hammer. what did i think then about that day when i'd have a phone of my own, one so small it would fit in my pocket, surf the web and use as a wi-fi hot spot. all these wrinkle contraptions in some sixty years. astounding!

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