salt roasted sardines

some foods are photogenic. pictures virtually take themselves. you do the food, wash, prep, melt, broil, steam, saute, dazzle, flame, nuke, grill. nicely plated, in the sunshine, the rain or stove side. whatever. you get out your android, yes, and click'e-di-cluck. done. 

like sardines? purple potatoes? mayonaise? it's a bitch. raw sardines look not in the least  inviting. roasted they're not much prettier. brushed with tarragon mayonaise, well, hm. the potatoes, mind you, it would have had to be andean purples, what else? and the mache. yes, a bad batch. so, i tried. the dish turned out delicious, if not exactly pretty. there is nothing like fresh sardines, i mean fresh like this mornings. and purple potatoes. dense, floury, deep of the spud. stephanie just loves fresh mayo, i mentioned that else-blog, like, she'll use a quart in three days. and once she's back, after hello, a kiss and a hug, she'll look past my shoulder toward the fridge. so it goes.

freshly caught, and cleaned sardines, small ones. on a bed of coarse sea salt on high flame. after a couple of minutes drizzle some olive oil over the fish. lid it for two more and cool uncovered in the pan. mayo's just that. two yolks, a good handful of tarragon leaves, mustard, vinegar, salt, then the oil. the cuisinart is fabulous for this task. first pulsing, then on constant till the oil runs out. i  steam my potatoes. once done a quick lick of olive oil to keep them happy till plating. i like luke, not as in gospel, but warm on the soothing side never the less.