lunch and then?

so, what is this fish called deceptively 'super white tuna'? hm, a tasty sample at uwajimaya had me have a sashimi lunch.

a simple affair, or so i thought, of super white tuna, white it is, tuna it ain't, no albacore that. flat oily texture, slick, easy in the mouth like hamachi, white as an englishman going out in the noonday sun. i added tako and uni, a small glass of sake and, after a hard working morning, a nap, what's the harm? before i went horizontal i searched for this 'super white tuna', an unhappy assembly of words after all. the correct name for the misnomer is 'escolar', a sometimes seven foot long, all tropical, deep ocean fish, and of all things: controversial. i love it, as you might guess by now i'll eat anything, and especially those items controversial and foreign to me. apart from not being kosher (as a half jew should i care?) turns out the flesh of escolar contains wax esters, those very nasty gempylotoxins, which are, can you believe it, indigestible. they have a, though not as yet, laxative effect which can cause a dramatic (!), if short-lived gastrointestinal response. that the fish is banned for consumption both in japan and, in of all places, italy, adds to this piddling drama, i suppose. oh well, purgative though it may be, the all cleansing purgatory will have to wait for blowfish, which i am dying to dine on before it's too late.

no ill results to report, even now and after above corn and spinach...

from a small walk before lunch at elk rock garden