msc certified patagonia toothfish

aka patagonia sea bass. you'll never know for certain. yet all cynics aside, i have to believe the store displaying the 'msc' certified eco label. (marine stewardship council)
served with a non-traditional ratatouille, red onion, myoga, radiccio, japanese eggplant, yellow tomatoes, fire roasted yellow peppers, blood orange zest. the juice rendered became sauce for the fish, together with ricard, flamed and reduced. the fish quick roasted in hazenut oil. no big story, but the juicy rendering of the fish was superb. the slivers of blood orange zest in the ratatouille gave a wonderful citrus flavor.

so? well, it was dinner, flaming the peppers with a blowtorch, it was quick 'n easy. we have ordered a gas stove, until it arrives the torch will suffice.