year end tomato sauce

year end tomato sauce. well, on the second to last night.
eleven ingredients. twelve, if you include stephanie, wearing her fur coat, observing the goings on in the kitchen. nothing seems to escape her.
onions turning translucent in olive oil
chopped mushrooms, ditto
one can of san marzo tomatoes
all on high flame, reducing
crushed garlic
pecorino romano sardegna
condensed tomato paste
once properly reduced, nice and thick, mildly fragrant of all ingredients, i added a side of crumpled chinook belly, lightly smoked. served on black tagliatelle, very fragrant olive oil (santa's from stephanie) drizzled into the noodles.

it is the small dinner gives me pleasure, simple food with honest ingredients, fabuloso.

tonight's dinner will be equally simple, rose grouper, in flower and egg, deep fried, on dark red butter lettuce, champagne, linzer torte