roast striper

it is the easiest of foods to do.

a 450 oven, rack mid-shelf. 
a striped bass, line caught or farmed, about two pounds, cleaned inside and out (not by you) oiled, salted, some pepper, inside and out. lemon, or orange, dill, crushed garlic, rosemary stuffed into the empty belly. placed on an un-greased baking sheet. in the oven for thirty minutes.
the skin on top comes off easy, like a glove. scoop the top flesh of the fish onto a heated plate. lift the skeleton off starting at the tail toward the head. toss. the bottom skin will be stuck to the baking sheet, so it is easy to remove the bottom flesh. no bones or, if you're messy like me, a very few. 

same deal for the potatoes.
brush clean three russets, slice into slivers, mix with rosemary, salt and olive oil, some crushed garlic, roast in same oven, same shelf, same temperature, same time as the fish. done. 

your best olive oil works as sauce, sprinkle some of your crunchiest 'sal de mer' over fish and potatoes. or, while the above roasts, stew some mushrooms in plenty of butter and tumble them together with their liquid over the plated fish.

some max thirty minutes to fix, devoured in seven, a glass of wine and my sweet lovely to chat with, a perfect foil for the endless portlandishe rain.