weird dinner i.a.o.s.

so, i try. and sometimes it works and at others some of it tastes not too bad. now, i will never subject anyone to my experimental notions, i simply write those off as failures and forget about them. as it is, sea weed and lentils are at the outset not a bad combination, the lentils al dente, in broth, flavored with a splash of jerez wine vinegar, dry seaweed added at halftime. hm. hm-hm. lets just say that i love lentils, especially the tiny green french kind. and i will gladly do without seaweed.

cooking black japonica rice takes time and is messy. the stuff needs a virtual hour to get fluffy, changes color to a nutty dark, and tastes sweet adding a fair piece of butter. what doesn't taste sweet when butter is present?
i braised two small sections of fennel, added a generous spoon of ricard, a dribble of dark honey. the fennel graced the rice, the combination is terrific, i recommend a cool india pale ale alongside. a pear for desert. and a cigar to reconsider it all. 

and whatever i'll do tomorrow it sure won't be seaweed, unless... gawd help me.