garlic tops

never done garlic tops before, recommendation had it to steam the stuff and think asparagus. hm. so i did scallops in butter alongside, together with wilted maitake, looking good in the raw and on the plate, but how could this go so wrong?

the garlic tops tasted, if they did at all, much like asparagus kept in the fridge way far too long. so disappointing. they tasted mass produced. like from someplace far away, india? and flown in on a dc3. in case you are very young: a dc3 is a very old, twin-prop plane. flies flat out the speed of a '55 volkswagen. sadly, the scallops, though claimed fresh from the sea, had that dry, solid feel between my teeth. no juices rendering at knife point. certainly not. and the maitake, well it was them alright. mild. though thought to be wild, definitely not haunting.

it was a good thing we could go watch dallas at a bar down the street. game one. beer and bar fries, oh, those fries. hot, very hot, crisp, crunchy, brusque to the bite. of some friable texture, fabulous on the crumb, certainly industrial strength and likely preconditioned in some far frito-lay oven. miami won, did i care? the beer and the chips made up plenty for the game, and for the sadly failed, the fancy, ach, garlic tops-scallops-maitake, gawd.