twice around the kitchen

once around the kitchen often ain't enough. there is that piece of new york strip which didn't make it all the way to our belly and as of yesterday we had a lovely deep, dark tomato sauce with squid spaghetti, and there was simply too much of that exuberant sauce, and so, today the fish mongeress had wild mussels, legal/illegal, who cares, delicious, the scent from the pan alone sent me. you, hoo-hoo-hoo send me... a few tiny shiitake, done in butter with a splash of ricard, freshly cut chives, crisp arugula, the meat cut to bite sized strips, the mussels barely open, a few black olives, all into that sauce and croutons, roasted past rendered garlic and fennel seed. a julienne of bright lemon peel and there you have it. served tepid, in a bowl, a glass of wine and now we're off to see woody allen's latest.