and furthermore

this is the truth: i started my dish from scratch at 5:30 pm, now it is 5:44, alright 5:45. i'm done eating, making images, cooking, prepping, in reverse order, off course.
first of all: thank you, oh minimalist, the very mark bittman. who today recommended a dish he called pasta with anchovies and arugula. he is an inspiration, you have to keep tabs on him, he's fast. and now he is even doing his very own column, like on keeping pigs and lovely thoughts, like subsidizing vegetables. he is amazing. the other day he took on irradiation, how is this guy getting around? he was talking about "how do we get quality food to the people".
well, me, i think it's simple. work less. get home at a decent hour. have a glass of wine and start cooking. i don't mean heat up some pie from the freezer, no, start enjoying the process of making food for yourself, your beloved, or for that matter, the neighbor, has the dog, barks. you have that dog quiet after two or three meals with its owner, more, you'll get to be the best cook in the hood. now, whether you want that is up to you. i'm just saying go cook. make real food. from scratch. and write about it. in a blog, like mine. it's easy, once you get the hang of it. instead of doing porn on your screen during lunch, research a recipe, on the way home go get the stuff to fix it, after a few small triumphs you'll end up impressing who ever your with, and losing weight? no problem. regardless how much butter ends up in your pan, inspired home food is tons healthier and a hell of a lot more fun. when you're done, put your creation on a lovely plate and do away with the plastic, get out the silver, the napkins, and eat. simply enjoying excellent food - which is what you're doing - weight loss comes on its own, with the blessed delight of "hey, honey, i made this all by myself". eventually you'll eat less, 'cause the dishes you'll make are so awesome, so mind-blowingly-grand, that you actually appreciate what you're eating instead of doing the turkey thing, gobble, gobble, gobble.
oh, yes, bittman and his pasta with anchovies and arugula. so, here is what i did tonight: i had bought me some squid, yes, again, excepting that this time i cut their cute little whiteys into rings. but i started out much as the man suggested: i softened garlic in oil,i think i used an entire head, it was new garlic and though already grown up and into a bulb, those individual cloves were a lovely green and mild and fragrant, not pungent as a dried head might have been. when the garlic started to soften i added seven (it's always seven, ain't it) fillets of anchovy, the ones come in a jar, packed in oil. in a few minutes the fish and the bulbs started to mash. i slid in the squid rounds, added a good glass of a cakebread, took the mess up to a boil for a quick few, no more than that, strained the mass and reduced the liquid to a couple of spoons. all the while the water for the, guess what, yes, squid ink pasta, was on high and now ready to roil the spaghetti al dente. simple, yes? al dente took five, while it was on a roll i shredded arugula, and it all came together as one, in a bowl, madly mixed as so often and ready to serve. i plated my food with consideration, on one of my favorite squares, took it outside where sunlight still surged through neighborhood trees. so, take a look!

the dish, if done only for myself, my fifteen minute meal, two more for the picture, was impossibly ambrosial, luscious and fragrant. you would have loved every bite. the writing took a wee longer, choosing words for my formulations do take time, aside, using the ever so tedious and tragically boring "it's delicious". well, it was.