bacon and leek

sometimes i get hungry, late afternoon, forgot to do lunch, reading, riding my bike, what a day, today, cool and lovely, sun in between fat clouds. a day of brilliance, if only to proof to those faultless in california, that portland fulfills an ideal: never so hot as to burn, with rain and river fog to match london, and then suddenly, that sun, exquisitely twinkling, blue sky, transcending an afternoon into perfection. 
so i got hungry and thought i'd find out what the man at the times might suggest i should cook. bittman, or markele, one of my favorites. and my luck had it, no need to get to the store, four slices of bacon, from stephanie's trove, she's off in spokane and won't miss it. leek, there is always leek, crisp, bottom left in the fridge. parsley, of course. eggs, pasta, in my case farro spaghetti, salt in all variants, ditto the oil, and a small sneak, a good size lump of butter.
bittman starts out rendering bacon in some oil, reserving the lard to cook the chopped garlic and leek. once softened, the mix whirls in my cuisinart with an egg, some of the parsley, and pepper and salt, making a pesto of sorts. this will take some twenty minutes, and gives plenty of time to do the pasta. if this pesto turns out too pudgy, thin it with a spoon of pasta water and it will become perfect. i like to mix a sauce like this madly with my spaghetti, then tame the madness spooned into a bowl, topped with parsley and finally those very bacon bits.
thank you, mark!

the sun was still out westward, shimmering through trees, making a splendid light for my picture. i use an android phone as a camera these days, for most all of my photos. it's a long way from the old studio on broadway, the 8x10 sinar, the strobe lights and ektachrome. the results might not be as grandiose, but the images ain't bad, luscious enough for my blog and yes, the food is still hot, ready to relish for dinner.