day's end

after tending to the car, low coolant, new oil; then the house, all kinds of leaks, though mostly from faucets; the laundry, towels and towels and clothes hampered too long; the cat needing pets. she ever follows under foot, meowing for her friend. me too, though i'm not good at meowing. it just is not the same without stephanie round about the house, or, for that matter, the body; my work, writing, editing, formatting, choosing the type face, verdana, medium at 14 point. sending out stuff, through the mail, and online, endlessly ready, hoping the new yorker will get the message, finally; and now, watering, for lack of rain, in portland? yes, but the bonsai need misting; setting out to run the new drip irrigation, too late in the day to make much inroads.
toast and coffee at six, no lunch and now at day's end attempting some new way of doing the every day dinner. forget about it!
today it just seems all way too much. so, not novel at all, a half stick of butter on a very low flame will make a few cloves of garlic eventually turn sweet. water will boil at some point, not being watched. shiitake set aside ready, stemmed and sliced. tiny peas from the freezer, waiting their turn in a bowl; salt to the pot where pasta water at long last is on a roll, whole wheat spaghetti, enough for one, slide into bubbles; all the while tending the garlic, mustn't burn, mustn't, simply soften. a chiffonade of some sorrel, stacked greens from saturday's market, ready. checking the pasta, still stiff. spooning garlic from frothing butter to rest on a plate. in goes the shiitake, rustling, shaking the pan, coating the mushrooms with scented butter, hazelnut colored; how quickly the mushrooms engross the butter, roasting, seducing the still frozen peas, enchanting the sorrel. phew. pasta, at long last tender, in a sieve draining, and on, to the pea mushroom buttery pan, madly two spooned to glaze, to swirl flavors, enticing the soft roasted garlic. spoon and fork ready, in the italian manner, yes, this is my dinner tonight, and it got late. for desert a hot bath this night will tender my tired body, cat pawing bath bubbles tub side.