japanese iris

they come from far away, two ladies from new york, one guy got up at five to drive down from seattle to get there when the garden opens at eight. three japanese men from kyoto, chattering, a couple in love from chicago, and me, though i'm local, i was there before the crowds showed, to admire these flowers.
they're late this year, on account of cold weather in april and may, but now it is showtime, a week of fine weather, sun in the eighties, brought them out in full color, blooming in such opulence as i have not ever seen them before. of course this kind of iris is in every japanese garden, in san francisco, in kyoto, in new york, even in the least conspicuous place they're in bloom. but not as presented in the splendor of portland's own.
the effort the staff and director have made, the zig-zag walk on pillard platforms through buds and blossoms is simply spectacular. pictures are sweet, but, as they say, no image can really capture the delight of my early morning walk.

this stately glory will last but a few more days. i hope to get there once more on monday, by next week's end it likely will be over, with a few stragglers hanging on. so, go now, the garden is typically open from ten to seven, members get in at eight. google will get you there, but hurry!

you absolutely must click on the images to see them full frame and full glory.