on occasion

i take a stand outside my food and kitchen parlance. this leaves me open to all sorts of commentary, but likely i will be able to handle critique on these notions.
i was lucky the other day to meet a photographer and see his exquisite show of new work. his beautiful images are presently shown at the north west center for photography (http://nwcenterforphotography.com/). 

as things turned out we took lunch to approach ideas supporting work like his without going commercial. as it is, in any reality, even the most brilliant of efforts in art need some way of hustle, an outside endeavor to pay for production and reasonable living expenses. allan sought my opinion, in as much as i had explored similar venues now some hundred years ago. i really can't say if life is any different now, but i took the precedent and work of photographers i had known, as well as my own; how most went about sponsoring work and subsequent shows and books, how all had either outside financing, grants, patrons or supported their fine art through the peril of commercial ventures. sometimes all of the above. even the most famous, take avedon; his books, portraits and shows were paid for by his commercial work, magazine assignments and various museums. ditto irving penn and of course all the old guys, like steichen, stieglitz, adams, newton, weston. mapplethorpe had his wagstaff, leibovitz had her wenner, this by no means to say that their initial work had no merit, but simply to point to the support system without which many a new idea would have gone south, so to speak. galleries are sponsors at times, or offer a show, but most only after the fact. my own fine arts images, production and prints, were mostly paid for by editorial and commercial assignments. after my first show at daniel wolf's had sold out, i paid for future prints, the income from sales (after a 50% commission) was not enough to afford future work without the benefit of commercial engagement or grants. things often go hand in hand, an editorial might beget a commercial and likewise a show could bring about fame. still, and, in my case i am not complaining, simply encouraging new work to find its support through commercial exertion, via patron, or grant. 
i expect that allan's work finds its way, it is most beautiful after all, certainly worthy the effort, the hustle, the search.