salmon-trout in fennel

the recipe suggestion was for two one pound fish, wrapped in fennel halfs, cooked on the grill, on low heat. oh, dear, oh, dear. as it was, the fish cooked fast, the fennel not at all and the whole thing turned into a flaky mess. i rescued the fish, scraping soft flesh off the bone and onto the plate, delicious to eat, no way to vouch for a picture, and all together a sad reflection on my grill talents.
this is what i ought to have done: had i braised the fennel to the very half way cooked stage and then wrapped the fish with the much softened vegetable it might have turned out something worth the trouble. as it is i can only show the initial image, raw fennel and wrapped fish. i repent! and attempt the procedure some other time. then again, fish on the grill makes often for not exactly a pretty picture. regardless how low the coals, they seem never low enough, or at other times too low for the fish to render in a whole manner.