speaking of calamari, formally squid

and fridays squid. such a catholic i am. what with the pope being german. exquisitely so. this is why calamari made it today on to my grill. i had help. we went last week to the new, very new library in vancouver. it's up the street, in a way, across the river low down washington state. the library is beautiful, what a building. light, lots of light, airy, warmly modern, a top floor terrace where you can sit on a beautiful wooden bench and read al fresco, or take in the view, clear to the south you have, what skyline there is of portland. it was as it was, for a change, a lovely day for this visit, stephanie wearing an alluring yellow sail of a skirt, it was sunny, charming, the docents so very exited, happy to issue a library card, though i'm still a registered california dude. and elderly, soon with a birthday to proof, not as yet with a walker. so, when at the library, do as the librarian would have you do: get a book with the new card, something on food, naturally, and so it came to be that i took home a collection of sustainable seafood recipes, called 'good fish'. sustainable is always debatable, but it is a lovely book, with sweet photographs and veritable recipes. wouldn't you know on page 217 they had a grilled squid. such a coincidence. a bit on the fancy, what with tamarind and orange, a little mint, always a little, and grated ginger. still, quite alluring. instead, i semi-cured mine in a macerate of olive oil and lemon juice, basil, slivers of lemon zest and of course, coarse sea salt. fancy me. as it is time for zucchini, i soused them along side and grilled the lot over very slow charcoal.

i did prepare a bit much, and devoured only just half. what's left will go into a bib salad tomorrow, providing it shows in the market. bib is a fine lettuce, as lettuce goes, and as lettuce goes, it bolts early in those very days of midsummer.