so, she thought me gluttonous. ha, i say, the mouse danses when his cat isn't around.

simple fare: you take, if you have, one eight oz perfect filet, cooked very early in the morning, like 5 am, if you can't sleep and when it is still cool in the kitchen, in a very (searingly) hot cast iron pan, forty-five seconds on each side, add sweet onions to sizzle, turn off the heat, then let it be until night. sometimes during the day, after a nap may be, dress a zebra tomato salad, sweet onion, mozzarella and flecks of basil. clean very young artichokes/no chokes, slow cook in olive oil and a ladle of chicken broth. say, ten minutes. turn off heat and cover. keep all as is, stove top, not in the fridge. when hungry or after many hours of hard work at the click'e-di-clack: plate it all nicely, so it is a delight for your eyes. listen to the newly recorded rachmaninov, with yuja wang and the old goat, claudio abbado, sit back and eat. 
it was a long day. enjoy, and if that is gluttonous, so be it.