black cod

they call it sable fish, butterfish, maori cod for those of you kiwis, seems like every culture has an alternate name, here at the japanese fish store in portland, anzen hiroshi, its black cod, and a silvery black skinned fish it is. extreeeemly high in those long chain omega threes, with a texture in a way flaky, like chilean sea bass. it isn't overfished, the stocks are still plenty. the fish is pricy but so worth the outlay. i steamed mine in a spicy sauce rendered from oil, fresh garlic and star anise. in addition i find yuzu no sui, the japanese citron juice a wonderfully fragrant ingredient. for variable heat i like yuzu kosho. this paste is made from green yuzu zest and peppers, closely scoville related to our habanero. seems like everybody has their own heat-resistant tongue, but please use no more than a knife point of this paste! newbies watch out! the smallest amount will get heat scorchingly going. to balance my dish i served a mild chickpeas and lentils concoction, based on soft garlic, sage and juniper berries.

it is a rich dish and nicely spiced, thank you. you know, baby it's cold out side and this dish will keep you warm in a lovely, darkly retrospective way. 

yuzu no sui and yuzu kosho