oh god, dio mio, it's risotto again

don't know why, but this in all its variations, has to be my favorite dish. anywhichway. this time with shrimp and caramelized carrots, the rice a maratelli from the vercelli province in italy, sort of between milan and torino. the package says asigliano vercellese, right next to the price. i am german. typically, and before i believe anything, especially the distinctions on a pricey package of rice from italy, i do a google and pronto, there is such a place and indeed it is famous for its rice, they even say that this kind of rice holds its shape better than, well, you know, this must have been written by the regional rice authority.
enough. i bought the shrimp already cleaned, midsize, 22 per pound. i do a gentle onion for the soffritto and i like a dry white wine and olive oil to roast the onion and subsequently the rice. i don't mind a little burnt as long as the rice doesn't get charred, which of course would be horrible and you'd have to ditch the whole thing and start all over again. my chicken broth is canned. that is not so traditional. but i hate my house to smell like a dead chicken, which it inevitably would , after doing hours of flesh and bone breakdown. 

the procedure for a creamy risotto is simple: about 1:4. the chicken broth is on a slow roll and ladle for ladle will reduce some. when the broth has been all but consumed i add the shrimp. the heat from the rice will turn their color, the carrots enhance the dish's inherent creamery sweetness. butter and shaved pecorino romano beaten quickly into the mess makes for the mantecatura. if you have, add a few flecks of basil. in the end what you want and what i get is a risotto all'onda, rippling like the slow tide at the bay of bolinas.