on tines and garlick

the tines of the fork

the tines of my fork have worn. being right handed, yes, sherlock, is the reason why the left tine of this fork has worn more than the other three. it being soft sterling wears things worse, of course. advancing age will do that for you. my very own tines have begun to wear as well, acute, bright and keen at thirty, old age has tempered my resolve and sapped at least some of my redress. 


in amerika garlic is spelled without the 'k' at the end. of course. here garlic is mostly sauteed in oil or butter, as a 'friendly flavor factor', a mellow warmth. hence it has lost that explosive 'k' and therefore most of its rake and salient rank. a crushed clove of garlic, rendered late to a marinara, a pork roast or them-those speecy-spicy 'meat-a-ballas', spikes flavor and fragrance of those otherwise merely genteel dishes. mind you, i don't ever exclude the fair use of gently sauteed garlic, but my heritage and temperament want the spike and that 'k' at the end of...