fall colors

a friend of mine said: once a photographer - always a photographer. what can i say? every now and then i like to be a photographer, even though i see myself now more as a kitchen artist, if not exactly a cook, let alone a chef. but i do my best to combine my various talents.

so here we go: it is november and the colors around here are exquisite. the 'carvings' are age old, the trees live in 'elk rock garden' at the bishop's close in portland. trees in the garden are ancient, any one coming to portland and interested in 'whoretoculture' must see this place. easy to find, it is on rt. 43, a few miles out of town on the way to lake oswego.

below: trees in the japanese garden, portland. unfortunately no specific records seem to exist, so no one knows the names of the individual cultivars, though all are japanese maples, acer palmatum, some in the dissectum form. the trees apparently came initially all from 'japan', some are ancient, most at least twenty plus years old. 

from my maple collection:

acer palmatum 'ryu sei', four years old

stephanie, 27 years old

acer palmatum 'baby lace', 2 years old

acer palmatum dissectum 'waterfall' 2 years old

above: acer palmatum 'tiger rose', 4 years old. on november 2nd and below the same little tree two days later! the color changed so very rapidly, and today the tree is bare.

acer palmatum 'orangeola', 5 years old

the fall colors seem this year especially outrageous. the red from the 'orangeola' was done in krylon day glow spray paint... so very intense thursday, and gone tuesday, a few days later.