pulled pork - pasta arrabbiata

this is what it looks like outside my kitchen. no matter how often the blow dude blows, leaves just keep tumbling down. november, portland and rainy. what else?

and so, since stephanie loves pulled pork, i put a five pounder pork in the dutch oven to brown on all sides, then finished the thing at 300, for four hours and once shredded this is what it looked like. i did it up with some wisps of tarragon, though mostly to make the meat look better.

and then i read the blog of an east coast friend about the dinner she's making tonight, pasta and tomato sauce. well, i thought, i could do that, couldn't i? an arrabbiata, for sure. and incorporate the pulled pork, of which, at five pounds, we had way too many dinners to contemplate, as it were. noodle and tomato pictures always come out messy, i did my best, though the pork didn't really want to cooperate.
the sauce was simple: a can of san marco tomatoes, some salty anchovies, lots of roast garlic, a jigger of absinth and much of that pretty hot paprica. once sieved, it reduced nicely, to a thickish consistency. i introduced the pork to the sauce, and the two got along famously. of course, why wouldn't they. such nice rabble...