so, how was your thanksgiving? do tell, but you'll have to be quick, 'cause otherwise i'll tell you about mine. well, to start with, we had a squash soup, cream, butter, squash, nicely topped with a scatter of paprica. the squash was pureed through two sieves, so it still had some texture, though just barely.
then i made oven fried potato wedges, rosemary, olive oil, coarse salt, roasted to perfection. well, almost. like the story of the first german train running from nuernberg to fuerth. there the cook decided to make a very special dinner on the occasion. you guessed it: the train was late; all could be saved, the meat, the sauce, the carrots, excepting the roast potatoes. the cook refried his spuds at the arrival of the train and thereby invented the puff potato. you've heard about this, i'm certain.
but to continue about my thanks giving - then i want to hear about yours - i had shitake, slivered, done up in walnut oil, to a virtual crisp. oh, and the meat: a filet mignon for each, roasted high in grape seed oil, well peppered, crisp on both sides, but oh so tender in the center, served with a thick slice of chive butter, a little twirled sea salt on top. belgian endive to follow, in a vinaigrette of olive oil and yuzu, touched by a smidgeon of sesame oil.

we couldn't do desert, no way. instead a nice slag of laphroaig and i smoked a cigar, sitting before a small fire, the cat in stephanie's lap, all of us gloating, well, as anyone gloats the night after a thanksgiving feast.