belgian endive

simple ingredients - big flavor: endive, neatly cut into rounds, the best italian tuna from a can, roasted pine nuts, black olives and the dressing: fine olive oil, sharp vinegar, dank mustard, meyer lemon, black pepper, sea salt.
easy, who wants to cook so soon after christmas?

the various flavors of the dressing are easily adjusted, more lemon? more olives? a wee leaf of cilantro? i like my salad more on the mild side. if your tuna is bright and done up in a good oil you might simply want a squeeze of lemon, and skip a more involved dressing all together.
and speaking of lemon: i've made some preserved meyer lemon to hold and to have any time, fresh from the fridge, on meats, salads, on fish or simply in an early summer lemonade (which is just when the meyers are off season) all you need is a jar; i used nine quartered lemons rubbed down thoroughly, inside and out, with coarse sea salt, drowned in the jar under juice to cover and some heaps more of salt. once in the fridge for a night, this concoction will keep well into next fall, winter even and by then, well, you can just do a fresh batch.